Orbx releases EGLC London City Airport v2 Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx has released its v2 upgrade for the EGLC London City Airport on Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update promises a significant overhaul of the airport’s representation, aligning with the company’s focus on realism and attention to detail in its sceneries

Announced earlier this month, the EGLC v2 upgrade includes an updated airport layout, featuring a remote virtual control tower with a detailed interior. The updated version also sees improvements in the main terminal, private jet centre, and Docklands campus, all designed to accurately represent their real-life counterparts. The airport layout has been expanded to include the east apron and taxiway extension, mirroring the airport’s recent real-life expansion.

Furthermore, the updated version includes high-definition aerial imagery of the airport which, alongside the custom ground poly that has been updated as well, enhances the realism of ground textures in the scenery

Orbx has also considered performance optimisation in this update, promising an upgrade that is compatible and performs well on both PC and Xbox platforms.

For existing owners of the EGLC London City Airport for MSFS, Orbx is offering a 73% discount for the upgrade, an enticing offer for those considering the update. For everyone else, it’s available for around €20.

This release comes amidst competition from UK2000, which has also released its own rendition of EGLC for MSFS. Regardless, Orbx’s EGLC v2 offers the studio’s unique approach to scenery creation, which will undoubtedly draw the attention of Orbx’s fans.

Orbx EGLC v2 update MSFS 7

Orbx EGLC v2 update MSFS 6

Orbx EGLC v2 update MSFS 5

Orbx EGLC v2 update MSFS 3

Orbx EGLC v2 update MSFS 2

Orbx EGLC v2 update MSFS 1

Key Features

  • Exquisite representation of London City Airport and its surrounds
  • HD textures throughout with PBR
  • Crisp aerial imagery for the airport
  • Updated custom groundpoly
  • High detailed model of the remote digital control tower
  • Updated with the east apron and taxiway extension
  • Rebuilt ATC tower with interior
  • Improved main terminal, Private Jet Centre and Docklands campus
  • Optimised further for better performance on PC and Xbox
  • Works seamlessly with Landmarks London City Pack

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