Cedar Key Airport is a very scenic and short airfield in Florida – out now for MSFS

How about a nice little trip to a tiny island in Florida? That’s exactly what PILOT’S is proposing with their latest airport for MSFS: the very small and very interestingly located Cedar Key Airport (KCDK).

Cedar Key Airport has the shortest runway in all of Florida, at just 2355 feet long (718 meters). It’s used exclusively for general aviation flights, and is surrounded by a large bird sanctuary. The location is definitely very scenic, specially when arriving and landing at Cedar Key, but it’s also a real challenge. The very short runway, completely surrounded by water, leaves no margin for error even to the most seasoned pilots.

Cedar Key Airport (KCDK) for MSFS is now available for just $14.20.

Cedar Key Airport MSFS 7
Cedar Key Airport MSFS 7
Cedar Key Airport MSFS 8
Cedar Key Airport MSFS 8
Cedar Key Airport MSFS 6
Cedar Key Airport MSFS 6
Cedar Key Airport MSFS 5
Cedar Key Airport MSFS 5


  • 4K resolution textures
  • Accurate representation of the 2020/2021 Cedar Key Airport layout
  • Practice landing on the very challenging approach to the shortest paved public runway in Florida
  • Both runways feature a displaced threshold
  • No room for error, there is water in the immediate vicinity of both runway ends
  • 64+ square kilometers photoreal
  • Moving boat traffic featuring yachts and other watercraft
  • 3D grass/trees custom vegation
  • Realistic shadow rendition
  • Special night light shadows textures
  • Zeit-Dynamic scenery features create a unique and ever-changing airport environment
  • Detailed water-masking for the airport vicinity
  • Custom buildings for surrounding areas and lots of custom objects
  • Fully optimized design for great performance and high frame rates

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