Another Aerosoft airport, Saint-Tropez, released for Flight Simulator

Another day, another airport. This time is Aerosoft once again with another product that will surely make the rich and famous happy: Saint-Tropez for Flight Simulator. The developer has already released a free airport for the new sim.

St. Tropez is a well known travel destination in southern France, a place where countless international stars travel to to enjoy the expensive stores and restaurants, to park their yachts and stroll around in fancy Gucci clothes. Don’t worry if you’re one of these people, you can also bring your private jet and land it on this small airport.

Based on the latest image sources, highly detailed objects were created at and along the airport. In addition, the villages La Môle and Le Moulin Roux have also been upgraded with individual autogen. Hand placed vegetation and up-to-date runway layouts round off your visit to the picturesque French area. Get it here.


  • Realistic replica of the airfield Saint-Tropez La Môle (LFTZ, LTT)
  • Detailed 3D models of airport buildings and other facilities
  • High-resolution custom ground textures
  • Very detailed PBR textures for objects
  • Individual static aircrafts and liveries matching the real airfield
  • Latest runway, taxiway and line layouts
  • Custom color corrected orthophoto
  • Custom 3D night lighting
  • Hand placed vegetation and clutter objects
  • Custom AI routes for proper traffic integration