Fix Washington in MSFS with this Landmarks pack

Drzewiecki Design has already launched a landmark pack for Moscow, and is now expanding it’s offering to Washington DC. This is a great way to improved Washington landmarks in Flight Simulator.

There were some criticisms upon Microsoft Flight Simulator release about the lack of some iconic landmarks all over the world, and Washington was no exception. The Monument is represented as being some kind of skinny skyscraper, along with many other misrepresented buildings. This is to be expected, given the city’s security concerns regarding satellite imagery.

Fortunately third party developers – as well as the community – are fixing these issues. Drzewiecki Design‘s Washington Landmarks includes around 1500 custom-made buildings and other points of interest like monuments, bridges, trains, stadiums. Some relevant areas have been custom-modeles, like The Mall, West End, East End, Waterfront, U.S.G., Crystal City, and Rosslyn. Night textures have also been given special attention. An yes, the President is included.

This package is available for around 20$/€.