(Releasing on Nov 24th) – The North Sea is about to become a heaven for helicopter pilots in MSFS

Update, November 21st – Aerosoft’s new project dedicated to the North Sea now has a release date! In just a few days, on November 24th, Offshore Landmarks: North Sea (yes, the name has changed) will be out for simmers to explore. Just the perfect playground for the brand-new helicopters introduced with the 40th Anniversary Edition!

Aerosoft’s project devoted to the North Sea, in MSFS, is quickly going from a cool idea for a scenery add-on to an auspicious and comprehensive product, especially for those who like to fly the helicopters. Announced back in April, Offshore Industries: North-Western Europe is due to come out this year and will come packed with thousands of objects that will turn the North Sea into an area worth exploring in MSFS!

When we first introduced you to this project, a few months ago, Aerosoft already had a very good idea of where they intended to take this product. Its goal is quite simple: to recreate in MSFS the bustling industrial activity in Europe’s North Sea, a huge area off the coast where thousands of workers build and manage critical energy structures for the nearby countries.

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Obviously, there’s a lot more going on in this region. Europe’s busiest ports are also located here, so the number of large cargo vessels is quite big. Fishing is also a viral activity in these areas, so fishing boats are also abundant. Not to mention the hundreds of windmills, gas/oil digging rigs, and much more.

For the aviation community, this ends up being a huge playground, because many of these structures have helipads, which are crucial to transfer cargo and people to and from the mainland, keeping the work going all year round. There are hundreds in total, with more than 750 represented in Aerosoft’s product! This is simply astounding! Can you imagine, a scenery add-on that comes with hundreds of heliports that simmers can land on?

This is unprecedented and is bound to change the helicopter flying experience for many in MSFS. We got a perfect glimpse of that with the latest trailer for the HPG H145 helicopter, which featured an early build of this scenery and gave us a good look into the myriad of possibilities that will soon be available in MSFS:

In the official Aerosoft forums, Product Manager Mathijs Kok often details the progress that has been made with this product, sharing specific models of the countless different objects that will be included, along with some details about additional features. One such feature is missions, which Aerosoft is apparently building in partnership with other developers such as HPG. It’s a perfect fit, given that the H145 already includes a robust set of missions that can be selected and carried out with the help of the built-in tablet.

Aerosoft offshore industries msfs 11
Note the large number of helipads and their density in the scenery.

Offshore Industries: North-Western Europe looks and sounds like a brilliant idea, one that Aerosoft is carefully crafting with big ambitions. The name implies that this series should expand to other territories following this initial release, which is currently expected before the end of the year. Estimated pricing is also already set and should be no more than 20€.

Are you excited about this upcoming new scenery add-on from Aerosoft? Let us know in the comment section below!

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