FSRealistic previews new immersive first-person view to walk around in MSFS

FSRealistic Pro is an excellent and very popular way to add immersion effects to your flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Initially launched nearly a year ago with custom sounds and effects, and significantly updated this year with camera effects and VR support, FSRealistic is a must-have for many simmers, who find its comprehensive set of features to greatly enhance the levels of immersion when flying in MSFS.

FSRealistic is regularly updated with fixes and new effects, and today we’re bringing you the news about a particularly impressive new effect that is about to be launched: the First Person Effect! If you’re familiar with FPS games, you’ll immediately recognize this. This new effect will essentially simulate a walking view and “bounce”, specially designed to explore the world of MSFS on foot… and do that proper walk-around inspection on the aircraft before departure!

The developer of this great add-on recently shared a video showcasing this new effect in action. Starting outside the aircraft, we can see the “pilot” walk and even run to the aircraft, with matching stepping sounds included and all! It’s a much more immersive and realistic way to see the world from the ground, when compared to the drone view we are most accustomed to.

FSRealistic’s developer says that users will be able to use a combination of mouse and keyboard to control the camera, probably imitating the control set more commonly seen in FPS games. Crouching is also possible, great to squeeze under the wings looking for oil leaks…

Content creators will surely love this, too, as it should allow the creation of more immersive videos. Simmers will be able to move around the airplane like never before, checking if everything looks as it should before climbing up the stairs to the cockpit… either on a C172 or a Boeing 737!

The First Person Effect for FSRealistic Pro is still a work in progress, but should be available soon via a free update. The developer promises that this is “just the beginning“, which makes us wonder what he may be working on besides this. Anyway, we’ll let you know once the new version of FSRealistic with this fantastic new effect comes out. Stay tuned!