Simultech releases My Jetways, a metal-type replacement for the default MSFS jetway

Looking to replace the defaut jetway models in Microsoft Flight Simulator with more realistic and detailed versions? We’re happy to report that there are now two very viable options, offering the two most common jetway styles.

Last month we saw Latin VFR launch Airport Jetway Pro, a glass-type replacement for the default jetways. Understandably, US simmers were disappointed, since most jetways in the United States are actually made of metal. Simultech saw the opportunity to fill that gap and released this week their own idea for a high-quality jetway replacement, this time in a white painted metal version, most commonly seen stateside.

My Jetways, this new jetway model from Simultech, includes a realistic depiction of a metal jetway, inspired by the real-world counterpart, with four extensible bridges. It’s been recreated with PBR textures and has been modeled in the interior as well, including a 3D operator. To round things up, custom sounds have also been implemented.

My Jetways from Simultech is now available for MSFS, priced at just under $10 through Simmarket.


  • Full PBR material
  • Interior of the jetway in 3D
  • 3D jetway operator
  • Fixed lights and lights that are activated by movement
  • Custom sounds
  • Detailed 3d models and at the same time friendly frame rates thanks to the multiple LODs