Just Flight finally updates the PA-28 family in MSFS. Flight model improvements, enhanced EFB with Navigraph charts, and more!

Just Flight has finally released some much-awaited updates to their PA-28R Arrow III, PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV, and PA-28-161 Warrior II add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. These aircraft have been affected in various ways due to the lack of updates for the better part of a year, during which there were many significant platform updates in MSFS that either changed or introduced new dynamics that needed to be considered for the PA-28s. Thankfully, Just Flight has now introduced an array of new features and improvements that will surely be appreciated by those who enjoy flying these excellent general aviation airplanes in MSFS!

The list of changes is long and includes some important updates. Most notably, you’ll immediately notice the revamped EFB, which now is able to import SimBrief flight plans and integrated Navigraph’s charts for a seamless and superb flight planning experience without ever leaving the cockpit. Brilliant!

The entire PA-28 fleet also includes updated integration with the excellent GTN units from TDS and PMS-50, which have also seen their fair share of impressive updates in recent months.

Just Flight PA 28 updates MSFS 5

Just Flight PA 28 updates MSFS 4

Just Flight PA 28 updates MSFS 3

Just Flight PA 28 updates MSFS 1

Notably, these updates also add Xbox compatibility to the entire PA-28 family. Expect to see them available on the console Marketplace very soon!

Read below for a rundown of the most important updates in these new versions of the Warrior and the Arrows. Most of the changes are common to all aircraft, with only a few specific fixes for each model. The new versions are now available directly from Just Flight if you bought from the developer’s store. If you’re on the Marketplace version, expect a few more days before getting the update through there.

Full release notes for each product:

Key updates for the Just Flight PA-28 fleet include:

  1. Compatibility with SU12 and Xbox (Marketplace only).
  2. Integration of the latest TDS GTNXi models and textures.
  3. Compatibility with the latest versions of Working Title GNS, PMS-50 GTN, and TDS GTNXi, including new autopilot logic.

Enhancements to the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) include:

  1. Importing SimBrief flight plans and viewing summaries or scrollable full Operational Flight Plans (OFPs).
  2. Real-time position monitoring using a map view with tracking, zoom, and pan options.
  3. Integration of Navigraph charts, with automatic selection of departure and arrival airports based on SimBrief OFPs and the ability to favorite charts for quick reference.
  4. A notepad for in-flight note-taking, useful for recording clearances and taxi instructions.
  5. Interactive checklists, in addition to existing MSFS checklist support.
  6. A top-of-descent calculator, with options for manual input or syncing with the simulator for altitudes, speeds, and descent requirements. 7. An on-screen/virtual keyboard, particularly beneficial for VR users.
  7. METARs for SimBrief OFP departure, arrival, and alternate airports.

Additional updates include:

  1. Updated animations and cockpit interactions for compatibility with LOCK interaction mode and Xbox.
  2. Flight model improvements, featuring greater pitch stability and enhanced ground handling.
  3. A trim sensitivity slider added to the EFB, allowing fine-tuning of pitch trim sensitivity.
  4. Refined spark plug fouling simulation.
  5. A hidden clickspot for vertical speed hold in the autopilot panel.
  6. Dynamic baggage, displaying a variety of baggage items in the compartment based on selected payload weight.
  7. Smoother cockpit pushbutton animations.
  8. Resized GNS 530/430 screens to prevent edge clipping.
  9. Support for the “SET ELECTRICAL FUEL PUMP 1” control assignment.
  10. Updated throttle quadrant cursor icons for better visibility.
  11. Improved appearance of illuminated lights and annunciators.
  12. Fixed instrument camera preset names and added presets for passenger and baggage views.
  13. Interactive points for enhanced ambient cockpit sounds when doors are open.
  14. Updated manuals.
  15. TDS GTNXi Smart Glide compatibility.
  16. EFB up/down rotation clickspots added to the bezel.
  17. These comprehensive updates demonstrate Just Flight’s commitment to improving and expanding the flight simulation experience for their PA-28 fleet. With a focus on compatibility, functionality, and realism, these enhancements will be greatly appreciated by flight simulation enthusiasts eager for an improved experience with the PA-28R Arrow III, PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV, and PA