FS2020MP is a new platform for simmers to meet and fly together

Since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and with the use of use of it’s multiplayer features, thousands of simmers have been organizing flights and meet in-game to fly together and enjoy the vastness of earth inside MSFS. Through Reddit, Discord, Forums and so one, there are several ways to create these meetings, but no easy way to keep track of a list of them and join those that you wish.

FS2020MP is a new platform that tries to help people organized with other pilots and fly together. Here’s how it works according to the developer:

  • One person creates an event (flying from airport X to airport Y, bush flying, etc..) with a specific date (converted to players local time), server, language and aircraft type.
  • Others visit the event detail page, look into it, read the event description and finally respond to the question “Will you attend to this event?” with “Yes/Maybe/No”.
  • Players’ responses will be listed on the page so that you will know how many players will be there approximately.
  • Finally, organizer and attendees meet at Discord via the link on the page (optional) and fly together!

The developer is thinking about planning the largest multiplayer event of the game for next sunday, and will be posting about it on official forum, reddit, and steam. Stay tuned for further updates!