Tucson International Airport now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The MSFS community has a new airport to explore in the United States with the recent release of Tucson International Airport (KTUS) from FeelThere. Situated in Arizona, this airport serves as a significant hub in the second-largest city in the state. Known for its desert landscape, surrounded by mountains and boasting 350 days of sunshine per year, Tucson offers a distinct setting for both real-world and virtual pilots.

Tucson International Airport is located in the Sonoran Desert and features three runways: 11L/29R, 3/21, and 11R/29L, providing a variety of takeoff and landing options. The terminal is divided into three concourses. Concourse A consists of nine gates, labeled A1 through A9. Concourse B has eleven gates, ranging from B1 to B11. Concourse C is situated in a separate building to the west of the main terminal and houses a single gate, C1.

Tucson Airport MSFS 5

Tucson Airport MSFS 4

Tucson Airport MSFS 2

Tucson Airport MSFS 1

FeelThere is now inviting simmers to visit their digital representation of Tucson International Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator, in a custom scenery that they claim is aiming for a high level of accuracy and detail. The buildings are modeled with PBR texturing and the ground polygon is fully modeled, incorporating realistic decals, dirt, taxi lines, and surfaces.

Custom animated jetways have been included, along with updated airline parking codes and modified airport services. The AFCAD – essentially the data file that controls the AI logic of the airport – has been updated, along with parking spots, taxiway names, and taxi signs. These updates aim to ensure that AI traffic behaves in a manner consistent with real-world operations.

Tucson Airport MSFS 6

Lighting at the airport has also been improved according to the developers, with enhancements to taxiway and runway lighting. Additional objects and clutter have been placed throughout the airport using the Software Development Kit, contributing to a more populated and dynamic environment. Night lighting and apron lamps have been adjusted for a more authentic appearance.

For users of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the addition of Tucson International Airport offers a new and detailed environment to explore in the American Southwest. This new airport is available now from retailers such as Aerosoft, priced at around $20.00 USD.

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