PMDG’s Universal Flight Tablet: first official image revealed, more details expected this weekend

Arguably one of the most hyped yet less exhilarating features to date for Microsoft Flight Simulator is PMDG’s Universal Flight Tablet. This EFB-style tablet is slated for integration into PMDG’s Boeing 737NG Series and is expected to be a part of all relevant future projects from the company.

Last week, PMDG hinted at having a concrete deployment plan for this feature, although they stopped short of revealing any specifics. Today, the picture becomes a bit clearer. PMDG has unveiled the first official image of the Universal Flight Tablet!

The screenshot was shared by Mathijs Kok, formerly from Aerosoft and a new member of the PMDG team. It offers a sneak peek into how the tablet will look when integrated into a 737 cockpit. The image shows what appears to be some performance data and, additionally, suggests the capability to import external data, such as flight plans and weather information, directly into the aircraft’s systems.

PMDG tablet MSFS 1

This reveal sets the stage for a more detailed announcement expected this coming weekend. Robert R. Randazzo, the founder and driving force behind PMDG, is anticipated to offer further insights into the Universal Flight Tablet, elaborating on its features and the timeline for its integration. This follows a series of updates from Randazzo, who has been keeping the community abreast of the development of this feature for over a year now.

The EFB from PMDG is expected to introduce a variety of useful functionalities to the company’s fleet of aircraft. It’s likely that most, if not all, of the custom PMDG options currently available through the FMC will be incorporated. This includes aircraft options, equipment configurations, failure scenarios, and integration with platforms like SimBrief and Navigraph, as well as various performance calculation tools.

While this may seem like an announcement of an upcoming announcement, it does serve to provide an initial glimpse into the Universal Flight Tablet and sets the stage for what to expect in terms of concrete details. We’ll undoubtedly be watching PMDG’s upcoming announcement closely to see if the Universal Flight Tablet lives up to its considerable hype. Stay tuned for more updates!