Watch the trailer for HCG’s Spartan 7W Executive, coming this weekend to MSFS

HCG Digital Arts is about to release its Spartan 7W Executive for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The imminent release of this classic aircraft comes just a few weeks after we first glanced into this project, which will be matching up against iniBuilds’ own work with the same aircraft.

HCG Digital Arts, a two-person team based in Nova Scotia, Canada, and Florida, USA, has been crafting both freeware and payware products for Microsoft Flight Simulator for over two years. The lead developer, a passionate fan of classic aircraft and helicopters, has a particular fondness for the intricate process of modeling.

Despite the challenges of matching the profile and shape to specific aircraft, the developer’s dedication to authenticity and detail seems to have generated good results, judging from the brand-new trailer video that was recently published about the aircraft.

The Spartan 7W Executive, a luxurious aircraft first flown in the 1930s, features an all-metal construction, retractable landing gear, and a cruise speed of around 215 mph powered by a 450-horsepower Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior engine. The Spartan 7W was a symbol of opulence and engineering prowess. It was favored by celebrities, entrepreneurs, and royalty, including the likes of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, and King Ghazi of Iraq.

For this project, HCG Digital Arts received invaluable assistance from Jim Savage, a real-world owner of the Spartan 7W Executive (NC-17634). Savage provided key photographs and a wealth of information, contributing significantly to the authenticity and uniqueness of the virtual model for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

hcg spartan 7w executive cockpit msfs

Our friend Laurie Doering from The Flight Level Youtube channel produced the trailer video for this project, which showcases the work that has gone into recreating this iconic aircraft for the virtual skies of MSFS. The video offers a glimpse of the detailed exterior and interior models, as well as the custom soundpack that will accompany the aircraft.

The Spartan 7W Executive is expected to be released this weekend, adding a new unique option to the increasing list of vintage airplanes in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Stay tuned for more updates on this release!