The North American P-51D ‘Mustang’ is now available for MSFS

Aeroplane Heaven released today its depiction of the legendary P-51D Mustang for MSFS, the North American fighter made famous for its role during World War II.

The P-51D was announced by Aeroplane Heaven almost a year ago and, besides a recent development update, there really haven’t been many previews of the aircraft. But this is how Aeroplane Heaven operates: announcements and releases happen randomly and without notice.

We can’t complain, really, when the end result is good. Unfortunately, that hasn’t always been the case with Aeroplane Heaven. While the Spitfire has been well-received, the more recent Electra 10-A and Grumman F3F-2 have left something to be desired. How will the new Mustang fare against the growing number of very good warbirds in MSFS?

Aeroplane Heaven promises a high-fidelity model with superb details all-around. These include an authentic cockpit with many animations and effects, full PBR textures, a varied choice of liveries, accurate flight dynamics, and a WWise sound set. There will be a few customization options in the cockpit. For instance, several reticles will be available for the gunsight, as well as several radio panels, including a modern AS430. A creatively-hidden options switch panel also enables the choice between pilot models, engine covers, or radio units.

The Aeroplane Heaven P-51D will face some competition with the Asobo P-51, which was released with the Reno Air Races Expansion. Some simmers may find one to be more historically realistic than the other, but the truth is that many Mustangs still fly today under the hand of civilian pilots, either for recreation purposes or as racing airplanes.

The P-51D Mustang is now available directly from Aeroplane Heaven’s website, priced at $39.95. You should also find it on other vendors such as Orbx, Simmarket, and more. It’s a PC exclusive for now. Xbox simmers looking for a P-51 will have to settle with Asobo’s version.

Aeroplane Heaven P 51 D Mustang MSFS 4

Aeroplane Heaven P 51 D Mustang MSFS 2

Aeroplane Heaven P 51 D Mustang MSFS 1

Aeroplane Heaven P 51 D Mustang MSFS 6

Aeroplane Heaven P 51 D Mustang MSFS 3

Aeroplane Heaven P 51 D Mustang MSFS 5

Main features:

  • All new hi-fidelity models with superb detail including gun bays and gear wells
  • Beautifully crafted exterior and interior models built over contemporary detailed plans and drawings
  • Authentic cockpit detail includes many bespoke animations and effects.
  • Full PBR materials and textures include realistic “pillowing” of metal surfaces.
  • Animated authentic U.S. military pilot figure + your choice to remove for asobo stock pilot
  • Specially animated, realistic undercarriage operation and the famous hydraulic droop
  • Choice of classic or modern radios
  • Highly accurate flight dynamics and performance based on real flight tests.
  • Specially authored WWise Hi-Fidelity sound package.
  • Unique code to “iron” out poor simulator tail-dragger performance.
  • Loadouts and external tanks based on weight.