Aeroplane Heaven gives us a sneak peek of its P-51D Mustang for MSFS

Aeroplane Heaven already has three airplanes to show in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Spitfire, the Cessna 140 and the Electra 10-A, but the team continues the production line with other very promising projects. One of them is the legendary P-51D Mustang, announced earlier this year, but with no further updates since then. This changes today, with a new video where Aeroplane Heaven gives us a cool sneak peek of the Mustang in MSFS, and some of the features that will be included.

In the 7-minute video, Aeroplane Heaven takes us through some of the Mustang’s features, while also providing some additional details about the whole package. Once it releases, the P51 will come with fifteen liveries, between military and civilian options. A new pilot model will also be included, an American WWII pilot. The military versions of the Aeroplane Heaven Mustang will have a few exclusive external features, such as additional fuel tanks under the wings and even weapons.

There will be a few customisation options in the cockpit as well. For instance, several reticles will be available for the gunsight, as well as several radio panels, including a modern AS430. A creatively-hidden options switch panel also enables the choice between pilot models, engine covers, or radio units.

Besides a quick previews of these features, this video also provides a detailed first-look into the overall model of the Mustang. While still a work in progress, it appears to closely follow Aeroplane Heaven’s work on the Spitfire, both in terms of features and visuals.

Hopefully, this sneak-peek is a sign that a release may be approaching for this American warbird. Interestingly, the past week saw the arrival of the first P-51 model in MSFS, included in the Reno Air Races Expansion pack. There are 10 models in fact, with slight differences between them, which are close replicas of the racing airplanes that compete in the event.

If this kind of airplane if not your cup of tea, but you still like the work Aeroplane Heaven has been doing for MSFS, then stay tuned for further news about other known projects from the team, such as the DC-3 or the recently announced American Sabreliner.