Flight Simulator Liveries Mega Pack Version 12 (+ 770 liveries)

Update, September 2022Project Mega Pack is back! The original Livery Mega Pack is no longer available, but the team has just put together a new system that allows users to create and download their own custom Mega Packs. Check the brand new Mega Pack Liveries here!

Be sure to visit the official Discord channel for all the info about the Megapack!
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How to install:

1. You may drag and drop all liveries from the folder into Community or choose the ones you want. Each is stand-alone.

2. Your folder should look like Community > Asobo_B747_81_AF1 (or similar).

3. Run MSFS 2020.

Installation Tutorial: https://youtu.be/oXhaqkBlg1Q

How to Find Community Folder (Only Beginning): https://youtu.be/kAYf6Anaxgo

Alternate Community Folder Location Finding Method

1. Enable Dev Mode > Options > General > Dev Mode On

2. Then Navigate to Tools > Virtual Files System > Watched Bases > Lists all Locations!

4. Run MSFS 2020.

Or watch the video below:

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