Project Mega Pack is back! Create your own livery packs for MSFS

It’s a surprising comeback, but a very welcome one. Project Mega Pack, the highly-popular collection of liveries for MSFS that took the community by storm in the early days of the simulator, is back with a highly customizable new version! The project sort of “ended” last year, but has now been revived with a brand new vision that allows simmers to download personalized packs with just the liveries they want.

Project Mega Pack was one of the earlier ways MSFS simmers found to quickly boost their livery selection in the simulator, with hundreds of different repaints included in a single download. The revised new project is now different: you can use the brand new Project Mega Pack website to select a number of variables and download a livery pack that suits your particular needs.

The Project Mega Pack team partnered with some of the top community creators to bring you a selection of liveries that currently totals more than 530 choices. This list includes high-quality liveries for popular freeware airliners like the FlyByWire A32NX, the Headwind A330, or Salty’s 747. Unfortunately, payware airplanes like the Fenix A320 or PMDG’s 737 are not supported yet.

The cool thing about the new Project Mega Pack is the opportunity it gives simmers to fine-tune their selection of liveries with a few criteria in mind. For example, users can download a pack that only includes historic European liveries for the A32NX, or the most recent liveries for the 747 belonging to American operators. The system will build that pack for you and offer the download of a selection of liveries that matches those preferences.

If you’re not feeling like messing with these choices, you can also download pre-built packs, or even just individual liveries from the long list of current partners.

It’s great to see this community project gain a new life, and the news doesn’t stop here. If you remember, the Project Mega Pack team was also working on a freeware Airbus A330, which also ended up being discontinued… until now! The team is now re-launching the development of the PMP A330-300 and a new build is expected to be out soon! Stay tuned for further news about that.

The new Project Mega Pack website is now live and allows you to download all the cool things we mentioned above. You’ll need to create a free account to build your own packs. A Premium tier is available with a few exclusive features, such as priority downloads, early access to future launches, and more.

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