The aircraft carrier is back to Flight Simulator: USS MSFS – UK Moorings

As we all know, one of the things currently missing in MSFS are aircraft carriers and their catapults and arrestor cables. There’s no official word on when we can expect the addition of these features, so all we’re left with is the community of developers and their creativity. And we’re not starting to see some results from those ingenious people, with very cool and exciting new freeware releases for all of you carrier fans!

We’d first like to introduce you to what is possibly the first modelled aircraft carrier for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, the USS MSFS, created by superspud and now available at Keep in mind that this is basically and airport shaped like a carrier. There’s no catapult or arresting system, but the experience of landing on such a tiny runway is all here! Obviously, with no away to quickly stop your aircraft, you will have a hard time landing a jet here, but small aircraft will be a good challenge.

Aircraft Carrier MSFS

The USS MSFS is available in 4 different locations:

Near the Isle of Wight. ICAO – ZACUK.  Coordinates –   50.595319, -1.443976 
Near London – ICAO – ACLDN. Coordinates – 51.496942, 0.663018
Middle of the North Atlantic below Greenland. ICAO – ACATL. Coordinates –  59.387623, -33.654331
Central Liverpool, in the water obviously. ICAO – ACLPL. Coordiniates –  53.404951, -3.007382

This is a cool little mod that adds some amusement to MSFS, even though it’s not totally realistic.

If you’re looking for something that more faithfully recreated the experience of landing and taking off from and aircraft carrier, there’s another project in development that aims to do exactly that. It’s from the newly established Hard Deck Simulations, who is working on a functioning aircraft carrier for MSFS, complete with catapult and arrestor support. Stay tuned for a further news about that!

For now, go check the USS MSFS and practice your aiming skills: