Watch the Fly the Maddog X MD-80 takeoff into the dusk in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Leonardo Software House appears to be getting increasingly confident about sharing some development progress of its highly-awaited Fly the Maddog X MD-80 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After many months of radio silence, the developers have suddenly started to show videos of the aircraft in action inside MSFS, raising the hopes for a release not too far off.

After publishing a couple of videos last month, which showed the MD-80’s engine startup procedure and takeoff, this week we got a third video, this time showing this classic airliner taking off into the dusk. It’s a great opportunity to see the Maddog’s beautiful cockpit night lighting for the first time, and also a glimpse of the aircraft’s exterior model and lights.

From a visual standpoint, the Maddog is looking great indeed, with clear instruments and an impressive flight deck ambiance. We do see some inconsistent textures in certain areas, but this is obviously a work-in-progress, so things may change in the final version. Also, these videos have been lacking in engine sounds, which will make all the difference when they are eventually implemented.

Despite these recent visual previews, Leonardo SH has yet to reveal any specifics about the final product for MSFS, although we can speculate based on older versions for other platforms. The Fly the Maddog X has always been a highly praised package, featuring advanced study-level systems and failures. The developers have even encouraged simmers to use real-world documentation from the aircraft to experience the huge levels of detail that Leonardo managed to accomplish with their virtual recreation of the MD-80 Series.

So, that’s what we expect to see on this updated version of the Fly the Maddog X for MSFS. A truly ground-breaking product that can raise the bar for what to expect from a jet airliner in Microsoft Flight Simulator. But until then, a game of patience is starting, as the hype levels go up and we still don’t have any idea of a release timeframe. Be patient folks, and stay tuned!

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