A2A’s Phenomenal Comanche 250 Is Now Available on Xbox

Xbox simmers, rejoice! Today is a great day. A2A’s absolutely remarkable Comanche 250, the best GA aircraft currently available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, is now available on the Marketplace for Xbox fliers. It’s a groundbreaking moment that brings to consoles the most intricately detailed and immersive small aircraft yet in the sim!

A2A rocked the MSFS world last summer with the release of the Comanche 250, setting new standards for what a high-fidelity, ultra-realistic, and immersive flight simulation experience can be. More than any other aircraft to date, the Comanche 250 is an experiment in virtual ownership of an airplane, an experience that will forge a deep connection between simmers and their machine. It’s your airplane. Whenever you return to the cockpit, it will be exactly as you left it, and it sounds, flies, and handles like an absolute dream. It’s really special!

The Comanche is full of unique features that can bring a smile to any virtual pilot. From the interactive walk-around that has you check for water in the fuel tanks, to the accurate simulation of its unique systems like the STEC-30 autopilot and the JPI EDM 830 engine monitoring system, to the phenomenal tablet that allows extensive customization of countless aircraft settings to suit your preference, there’s so much to keep you entertained that you’ll have a hard time flying anything else in the sim.

Yeah, I love this aircraft, as you can see. You will love it too! PC simmers have enjoyed this stunning piece of software for a few months already, and now the fun has come for Xbox simmers as well.

A2A Comanche 250 MSFS Marketplace 4

A2A Comanche 250 MSFS Marketplace 3

A2A Comanche 250 MSFS Marketplace 1

The A2A Comanche 250 famously debuted with its gracious flying characteristics, thanks to the use of external software that governed the sounds and flight model. A2A has since updated the whole package to be compatible with the native MSFS capabilities, which have allowed its release in the Marketplace. The aircraft’s superb characteristics seem to be unaffected by this change, based on early reports, so fear not about the impact of this on the Marketplace version.

Anyway, the A2A Comanche 250 is available now in the Marketplace for Xbox. To learn more, check the product’s official webpage, where you’ll also find the fantastic user manual that includes all the information you could possibly want about the aircraft.