iBlueYonder Announces Lelystad Airport for MSFS, the Home of FSWeekend

iBlueYonder, known for its collaborations with Flightbeam Studios on KPDX Portland Intl Airport, iniBuilds on Dallas Love Field, and more recently, with //42 on Cheat River Island, has announced their latest project: a highly detailed rendition of EHLE Lelystad Airport. This announcement not only marks a new chapter for the studio but also introduces Ronald Fleurbaaij, a talented scenery designer from the Netherlands, as the newest member of the iBlueYonder family.

Ronald Fleurbaaij, whose craftsmanship was previously showcased at KDAL Dallas Love Field, brings a unique blend of personal history and professional expertise to the team. With a background deeply rooted in aviation and technology – thanks to family ties to KLM and Hewlett-Packard – Fleurbaaij’s passion for flight simulation was ignited at a very young age. His journey from being a curious child playing Flight Simulator on his father’s lap to becoming a scenery designer is now culminating with his first solo project under the iBlueYonder umbrella.

Fleurbaaij’s EHLE Lelystad Airport promises to be a labor of love and precision. Lelystad Airport, the largest general aviation airport in the Netherlands, is undergoing a transformation to accommodate commercial jet traffic. Fleurbaaij’s rendition of the airport for MSFS will attempt to capture this evolution with meticulous attention to detail, from the newly added terminal designed for commercial operations to the historic Luchtvaart Museum Aviodrome, which hosts the beloved FSWeekend.

FSWeekend, an annual gathering that attracts flight simulation enthusiasts from around the globe, finds its home at Lelystad Airport. The event, held at the Aviodrome, shares the space with an impressive collection of aviation history and offers a unique opportunity for the community to come together. Fleurbaaij has modeled the aircraft collection and will include it all in this representation of Lelystad, which should definitely be cool to see.

With an anticipated completion date before this year’s FSWeekend in March, the EHLE Lelystad Airport project is now on “short final.” There’s only a single preview image of the scenery so far, but expect to see more soon as development nears completion.