iniBuilds and iBlueYonder release Dallas Love Field Airport for MSFS

IniBuilds and iBlueYonder have released the highly anticipated Dallas Love Field (KDAL) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Dallas Love Field, home to the incredibly popular Southwest Airlines, has a rich history dating back to World War I. It began as an army pilot training camp before transitioning to a commercial airport. Today, Southwest Airlines owns 95% of the market share at Dallas Love Field, making it an essential destination for simmers who can’t get enough of the Boeing 737.

iBlueYonder’s Dallas Love Field scenery boasts a range of impressive features that promise to make it an incredibly immersive experience for users. Obviously, the highlight here is the accurate and up-to-date rendition of the airport, which includes interior modeling in the terminal, ground textures, and an accurate layout. IniBuilds claims that this level of detail is much more advanced than the default scenery, providing users with a more realistic experience in the simulator.

In addition to the airport, this scenery will also include a realistic rendition of the Dallas cityscape, featuring many notable downtown landmarks and helipads. Users can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city’s skyline, complete with custom night lighting.

Custom runway approach lighting, hand-crafted and placed airport signage, and immersive details such as sculptures, fountains, and JFK memorial plaques should add a lot to the realism of the scenery. Users can also expect to explore Southwest Airlines’ operations center, HQ, and maintenance facility, all of which have been included in this product.

With a vast route network covering all of mainland USA, Southwest has a very strong presence in this airport, opening the opportunity for simmers to set out to dozens of destinations in the United States using realistic routes. Make sure to grab your PMDG 737, of which the airline is the world’s largest operator, and explore the country’s vast expanse in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Dallas Love Field (KDAL) is out now for MSFS, priced at just around $16.00.

KDAL Dallas Love Field MSFS 10

KDAL Dallas Love Field MSFS 6

KDAL Dallas Love Field MSFS 1

KDAL Dallas Love Field MSFS 8

KDAL Dallas Love Field MSFS 9

KDAL Dallas Love Field MSFS 7

KDAL Dallas Love Field MSFS 4

KDAL Dallas Love Field MSFS 3

KDAL Dallas Love Field MSFS 2


  • Dallas cityscape, including many notable downtown landmarks and helipads
  • Accurate, current rendition of Dallas Love Field
  • Ground textures and airport layout that are much more up-to-date than default
  • Terminal interior modeling
  • Hand-crafted and placed airport signage
  • Custom night lighting
  • Custom runway approach lighting
  • Includes Southwest Airlines operations center, HQ, and maintenance facility
  • Many immersive details, such as sculptures, fountain, and JFK memorial plaque