iBlueYonder and /42 release WVCH Cheat River Island for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Update! – Cheat River Island’s identifier has changed from 42CHT to WVCH for better compatibility with the Marketplace ingestion process. //42 explained that while MSFS does support 5-character identifiers, Microsoft’s Marketplace ingestion processes do not.

iBlueYonder and Parallel 42 (//42) have announced an exciting new partnership. This collaboration will leverage the talents of both developers to create highly detailed and immersive new sceneries for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The inaugural release from this joint venture is a unique airstrip, WVCH Cheat River Island, which presents simmers with an aviation experience that is notable for its unique location and immersive environment.

Like all scenery packages from //42, Cheat River Island offers a unique challenge for pilots. The airstrip is perched on a river island, presenting a thrilling non-direct approach with specific instructions for approaches from various directions, emphasizing the need for careful planning and skillful flying​​.

The approach procedures for Cheat River Island are quite specific, requiring precise navigation and a keen understanding of the terrain. The strip includes a 1704-foot long, well-maintained grass runway, and a grass helipad.

Beyond the base scenery for the airfield, Cheat River Island also offers various activities and amenities. When not in the air, simmers can enjoy camping with //42’s Campout, chilling by the river, or cruising in the Juice Goose UTV along the more than 6 miles of roads optimized for that vehicle.

WVCH Cheat River Island is a fully-fledged adventure destination that combines challenging flying with a variety of ground activities and immersive environmental details. It’s another great Scene from //42 and it’s available now from the developer’s website for $12.00 USD.