Digital Design reveals stunning Salzburg Airport and city for MSFS (released!)

Digital Design has revealed its first addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the Austrian Salzburg Airport (LOWS) and surrounding scenery. It’s a stunner, and it’s available now!

Salzburg Airport is the second largest in Austria, after Vienna Airport, and is an important gateway to Austria’s numerous ski areas. This version of the scenery from Digital Design aims to bring the place to MSFS in stunning new detail. The images clearly show that the developer had an enormous attention to detail not only in the airport but also in all the surrounding scenery and city.

  • Salzburg Airport MSFS 20
  • Salzburg Airport MSFS 19
  • Salzburg Airport MSFS 18
  • Salzburg Airport MSFS 17
  • Salzburg Airport MSFS 16
  • Salzburg Airport MSFS 15
  • Salzburg Airport MSFS 14

Digital Design had already released this airport for P3D, but this seems to be a big update in almost all areas, with almost all models and textures being recreated taking into account the new capabilities of the simulator.

What we see is a very high quality new airport and scenery, certainly among the very best we’ve seen so far in MSFS, not only in its quality but also in scope. Besides the airport, there’s a lot to enjoy around it, and the city itself is looking beautiful.

We will leave you with some of the images, which speak for themselves. Make sure to follow the developer’s Facebook group for more. This should be coming out soon, but there’s no release date yet. We are looking forward to see this one and will let you know when it’s released. Stay tuned!

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