FS Academy releases “ZERO to HERO” training bundle for Microsoft Flight Simulator

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive training package currently available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the latest bundle from FS Academy may be just the right choice for you. The developer, renowned for its training mission series that takes virtual pilots from learning the basics of VFR flying to the complexity of a jetliner career, has released a new bundle, “ZERO to HERO,” that encompasses all of those training packages into a single purchase.

The bundle, now available in the Activities section of the Marketplace, is a collection of FS Academy’s critically acclaimed training missions, meticulously designed under the guidance of a real airline Captain. “ZERO to HERO” is a curated journey through various facets of flying, each designed to instill pilots with the confidence and competence required in the cockpit.

What’s Included?

The package boasts a total of 60 challenging missions spread across five key areas:

  • FS Academy – VFR: A foundational course focusing on visual flight rules, offering lessons on departure, circuit patterns, approach, landing, mountain flying, and navigation.
  • FS Academy – Navigator: This pack takes you beyond the basics into cross-country flying, honing your visual navigation skills.
  • FS Academy – IFR: Transitioning from visual to instrument flight rules, this course equips you to navigate the skies using instruments alone, essential for adverse weather conditions.
  • FS Academy – Jetliner: Step into the cockpit of the Airbus A320, mastering the nuances of operating a commercial jetliner from taxi to taxi.
  • FS Academy – Commander: A series of meticulously crafted emergency scenarios await, challenging pilots to manage crises ranging from engine failures to hazardous weather conditions. The package includes a simulation of the “Miracle on the Hudson”

Each module contains 12 realistic training scenarios, complemented by an accompanying ground school manual downloadable from www.fsacademy.co.uk. Pilots are guided through each mission by a virtual instructor, who provides real-time feedback, reminders, and guidance, enhancing the learning experience with on-screen objectives, location markers, and full subtitles.

This bundle represents the culmination of years of development and refinement by FS Academy. It stands as the most comprehensive set of training missions available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, designed to offer a structured, realistic path from the basics to advanced flying techniques.

FS Academy’s “ZERO to HERO” is available now from the MSFS Marketplace, for PC and Xbox, priced at $69.99, which is roughly 40% off compared to the total price of all individual packages,