FS Academy releases “Navigator”, a VFR navigation course brought to you by a real airline captain

FS Academy has now an established reputation as a provider of useful training and learning packages for Microsoft Flight Simulator, as seen with the Jetliner, IFR, or VFR packs, which were released since MSFS launched back in August 2020. Looking to further expand its line of products, FS Academy has launched today its next flagship product, dedicated to VFR navigation.

FS Academy – Navigator includes 12 new tutorial missions for MSFS. These lessons take simmers to the skies while guiding them step-by-step through the necessary skills for VFR navigation. As usual from FS Academy, these missions have been created by a real airline captain, so you know you’re getting real-world and authentic knowledge from someone familiar with the matters at hand.

It’s safe to assume that Navigator should be a great companion package to the VFR pack, going deeper into the subject of VFR flying and navigation, gradually building up knowledge that will enable simmers to tackle the most demanding navigation circumstances while flying under visual flight rules.

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The 12 included missions should provide a great variety of scenarios, from navigating between a series of landmarks in San Francisco, to adjusting to the winds in Fuerteventura, or slipping through the crowded airspace in New York.

Navigator also comes with welcome documentation to complement the experience, in the form of a complete ground school manual, with over 70 pages, covering a host of topics that will come in handy as background knowledge before venturing into each of the missions.

FS Academy says that all the previous knowledge acquired in the development of the previous packages has been brought to this new product, with all of the latest techniques and knowledge applied from the outset, including full voiceover, subtitles, on screen objectives, markers and a detailed manual full of navlogs and VFR maps.

FS Academy – Navigator is now available from Orbx or Aerosoft, among other vendors. It will also come to the Marketplace, eventually, for the enjoyment of both PC and Xbox virtual pilots.

FS Academy Navigator MSFS 10