Idaho Bush Trips for MSFS – two great adventures across Idaho’s wilderness

The Bush Trips in Flight Simulator have been a great way to explore remote areas that would otherwise be forgotten by most pilots. Asobo and Microsoft created two very interesting adventures that the community has appreciated, and the developers have started to expand on the default bush trips with new adventures across the world, in a variety of formats.

We’ve featured several of these new projects, and today we bring you one of the most impressive independent creations so far: Michael Bonocore’s Idaho’s Bush Trips for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This set of two adventures, one in Central Idaho and the second in North Idaho, is available in a completely integrated experience within MSFS, right beside the default bush trips, with all the same features: auto-save between legs, Navlog with directions, distance and ETE and even access to the “back on track” feature. Moreover, you can even adjust time and weather, something that isn’t available in the default bush trips.

Also recommended is the use of the suggested weather settings for each leg, which add a lot to the challenge and beauty of the experience. For the North Idaho trip, the developer recommends another product we’ve featured: SoFly’s Weather Preset Pro, which make it easier to create weather scenarios, some of which can’t be replicated with the default sliders.

While these bush trips have a “premium version”, costing around $5, which is the integrated version inside MSFS, you can also experience a “free” version, by following all the steps in the developer’s website. These are very detailed and rich in details and orientations, and are an absolute blast to follow while flying each leg.

Idaho is therefore revealed in all its splendor. With thousands of miles of rivers, countless mountain peaks and thick forests, it’s an absolute bush pilot dreamland. What’s better than testing you landing skills on a riverside strip tucked deep in a canyon? We can’t find a better way to spend our time in MSFS!