Flightbeam Studios previews Washington Dulles Intl Airport for MSFS

After releasing Portland International Airport for MSFS just a few weeks agora, Flightbeam Studios teased us today with some images of a new upcoming airport: KIAD: Washington Dulles Intl Airport.

KIAD was already available for FSX and P3D, and Flightbeam Studios is now bringing the busy airport to MSFS. The developers are taking into account the most common feedback received for previous versions of the package, specially concerning higher quality surroundings. Some areas are being completely rebuilt to better fit the new MSFS 3D engine.

Dules Intl Airport is the gateway that connect the US capital to over 125 worldwide destinations, and is one of North America’s busiest airports, with close to 70,000 passengers on a typical day.

There’s no news of a release date yet, but stay tuned for further updates on the development of this new airport, one of many under development or already available for MSFS!

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