New images of Aerosoft’s Twin Otter for MSFS

One of the most exciting new airplanes for MSFS is without a doubt the Twin Otter from Aerosoft. Now scheduled to a 2021 release, this is bound to be the second aircraft from the developer to be released for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, after the CRJ-700 Series, which we may even see coming out this year, if all goes well.

The Twin Otter has been teased for weeks, with some sneak peaks of current development being shared by the team over at official forums. We’ve shared with you already some first images, and today there’s some more to see, with the release of new images showing the cockpit avionics layout, some of the gauges and the Garmin system. We can even see the tiny detail of the Sperry logo on the altimeter, which shows how MSFS is able to show very fine detail in a very smooth way.

It’s a pleasant discovery seeing that we’re getting in MSFS one of the most beloved FSX aircrafts, completely developed from scratch with all the new technologies made available in the new sim. We’re keeping a very close eye on the development of this sturdy bird, and will continue to update you on its development as we hear new details from the developers.

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