Microsoft Flight Simulator delays Sim Update 15 for further polishing

Microsoft Flight Simulator fans hoping to experience the improvements of Sim Update 15 this week will have to wait a bit longer. Just a few hours before the scheduled launch today, March 26th, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team announced a delay, pushing the update to sometime in April.

The news came through the official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums. The developers cited the need for additional time to address certain issues identified during the beta testing phase. No specific problems have been identified as a cause for the delay, but the new A320neo from iniBuilds may be one of the reasons, as it continues to get plenty of feedback and bug reports following its reintroduction in the beta last week.

The announcement expressed gratitude to beta testers for their detailed reports and efforts in helping identify these issues. While a new date for the release remains unconfirmed, beta testing will continue during this extended period.

MSFS 2020 new Airbus A320neo inibuilds 4
The new iniBuilds A320neo is likely one of the reasons for the delay.

Sim Update 15 was anticipated with excitement by the flight simulation community. There are some important changes and upgrades coming with this update, such as the aforementioned iniBuilds A320neo, major performance improvements with glass cockpits, a new G3X Touch, multi-rotor support, improved snow coverage, and more. Check our previous coverage below to learn more about what’s coming with Sim Update 15.

This delay will probably also impact the plans of some third-party developers who were hoping to release new products following the launch of this major update. With SU15 now delayed, we’re probably looking for this delay to extend to impending releases such as the PMDG 777, AzurPoly’s OV-10 Bronco, IndiaFoxTecho’s Tornado, and more.

However, this delay shouldn’t dampen the spirits of simmers as it’s a sign that the MSFS team values user feedback and stability. Let’s now hope that April will bring all the goodies! As always, we’ll keep you posted.