Navigraph announces Charts reintegration with the G3000 in MSFS

Navigraph has announced that they are working on a mod to reintegrate Charts into the G3000 systems in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This feature was broken with the release of the AAU1 update earlier this year, but will soon be making a comeback to several popular aircraft.

The G3000 system is a popular avionics suite found in aircraft such as the TBM930, Cessna Citation Longitude, HJet, and SF50 Vision Jet G2 from FlightFX. The FlightFX aircraft are available for Xbox users and will be updated to include charts integration once development is complete. PC users will be able to install the G3000 chart integration through the Navigraph Navdata Center.

The goal of this updated integration is to include as many functions as possible from Navigraph’s ChartView software. In addition to the G3000, Navigraph plans to implement charts integration for the G1000 NXi and the CJ4 Pro Line 21 systems once documentation becomes available. This expansion will provide even more aviators with access to critical navigation information, further improving the realism and utility of Garmin’s popular avionics units in the simulator.

G3000 MSFS Navigraph Charts

Developers interested in integrating charts into their aircraft add-ons are encouraged to reach out to Navigraph’s developers at [email protected]. Collaborative efforts will help ensure a seamless user experience and consistent access to essential data across various aircraft types and models.

Navigraph also has plans to add more functionalities to the default avionics in MSFS, such as SimBrief integration. This feature will enable pilots to load flight plans directly from the system, streamlining the flight planning process and creating a more immersive experience in the cockpit.

Navigraph promises to keep users informed about the progress of this update and its deployment. The reintroduction of charts functionality to the G3000 and other avionics systems will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to the simulation experience for many simmers, so let’s hope Navigraph doesn’t take too long to implement this functionality. Stay tuned!