PMDG’s 777 inches closer to release for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The PMDG 777 is the most anticipated new aircraft release this year for Microsoft Flight Simulator, aiming to transform the flight simulation experience for long-distance fliers with a wide-body aircraft that brings an unprecedented level of detail and realism.

With the release inching closer, Robert Randazzo, the leader of PMDG, has been keeping the community informed about the project’s progress, returning this week with an insightful update on the final stages of the aircraft’s development, where he highlighted the team’s relentless pursuit of perfection as they prepare the package for release.

In this latest update, Randazzo revealed significant progress towards finalizing the PMDG 777, stating, “Today we pushed a new build of the airplane to our beta testers that represents a big advancement in the readiness of the airplane. During the past two weeks a significant amount of time and energy has been devoted to stability, efficiency, cleaning up details in the system operation and beginning the process of adding in finer wear details for the in-use airplane.”

He also shared a couple of new images of the 777 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, pointing out that the virtual model is based on an airplane that has been in service for 12 years, thereby showcasing a certain level of wear and tear that is being added to the visuals of the virtual model.

Furthermore, Randazzo offered a peek into the meticulous attention to detail that sets the PMDG 777 apart, especially highlighting the comprehensive modeling of the gear bays and warning lights.

The latest beta build sent to testers, Randazzo noted, introduces a suite of eagerly awaited features, including tablet functionalities, enhanced sound integration, and more intricate maintenance processes.

The hype is indeed real, and Randazzo’s enthusiasm for the project amplifies it. He confessed feeling “a bit silly jumping up and down, telling you how magnificent this airplane is and how close it is to being in your hangar – but I am truly exuberant about the prospect of having her released to you.

Given these comments, expectations are high, especially since he mentioned that the team has refrained from showing many cool aspects of the product, which will be unveiled in more detail in upcoming updates.

Randazzo concluded by promising that the wait is finally nearing its end. Considering Sim Update 15 is due this month, could the PMDG 777 follow shortly after? Time will tell, but do share your predictions in the comments below!