LatinVFR’s Airbus A340 is launching this month for Microsoft Flight Simulator

LatinVFR is set to expand its collection of Airbus airliners as soon as this month, as the team prepares to release the A340-300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Coming off the heels of their work on the A330-900neo, which was released in October, the team has shifted its focus towards finalizing the A340-300. The latest previews were shared this week by the team, who also revealed they are hoping to release the package this month!

An Overview of the LatinVFR A340-300

LatinVFR announced the A340-300 alongside the A330-900neo last year, promising that the four-engined wide-body long-hauler would be released in 2024. The team has made significant progress on the A340-300 since then, signaling an imminent release that could see the aircraft join MSFS collections as soon as this month.

The model of the LatinVFR A340-300 has been mostly done for a while but awaiting the integration of the new avionics system developed for the A330-900neo. Unlike its twin-engine sibling, the A340-300 comes with its unique set of challenges, primarily due to its four-engine configuration. This demands distinct considerations for its electrical, fuel systems, screens, and performance metrics.

First Look at the A340’s Flight Deck

Following a few preview images of the exterior of the aircraft that were released earlier this year, LatinVFR has released this week a couple of new image previews of the A340, showcasing for the first time the flight deck that simmers will get to experience. It is, as expected, very similar to the A330’s cockpit, mostly with the necessary changes to accommodate the 4-engine configuration.

LatinVFR Airbus A340 300 MSFS 5

LatinVFR Airbus A340 300 MSFS 4

LatinVFR Airbus A340 300 MSFS 3

What to Expect

It’s crucial for simmers to note that LatinVFR markets their series of Airbus airliners, including the A340-300, as “mid-level” simulations. This designation indicates that while the aircraft features significant details and functionalities, it may not reach the exhaustive depths of a “study-level” model.

This approach obviously makes the A340-300 accessible to a broader audience, including those on Xbox, which is clearly an important audience for LatinVFR. It ensures that both casual flyers and more dedicated aviation enthusiasts can enjoy the experience without the steep learning curve associated with high-fidelity simulations, but also means that those looking for the utmost realism and adherence to real-world procedures may end up feeling like there are some crucial pieces missing.

Still, it’s not every day that we get a fairly interesting new airliner release for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the LatinVFR A340-300 will certainly appeal to a very broad audience within the MSFS community. The team also plans to release regular updates and expansions, with announcements made about the development of the A340-600 too.

Expect to hear more news about this project soon as LatinVFR gears up for the release. As always, we’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned!