The Airbus A330 from LatinVFR is available in the MSFS Marketplace (and now in Contrail too!)

Update, March 24 – Following its release in the Marketplace in October 2023, the Airbus A330neo from LatinVFR is available now in third-party stores such as Contrail, priced at around $35.00 USD. It’s a new opportunity to grab this wide-body airliner if you don’t like to be attached to the MSFS Marketplace! The original release announcement is below.

As promised earlier this week, LatinVFR has released today its Airbus A330-900 NEO on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. The A330neo, an updated and more advanced version of the A330ceo, is a new wide-body airliner for MSFS simmers that hopes to offer a midrange experience to long-haul pilots.

The LatinVFR A330 has to face stiff competition on the PC side against the very popular (and free!) Headwind A330. The latter may have an advantage in price, complexity, and community support, but LatinVFR’s version has the advantage of greater visibility by being available in the Marketplace. Crucially, it’s also available for Xbox, thus adding a new option to the short selection of wide-body aircraft available on the consoles.

Latin VFR A330 MSFS 9

The LatinVFR A330-900 NEO is not a so-called “study-level” aircraft, but rather a mid-level experience that offers some niceties over something like the default Asobo A320. “Basic cockpit functionalities” are simulated, but there are some cool bits that add a bit of fun to the package, such as the auto transfer of the Trim tank based on the aircraft’s center of gravity, as well as fuel dumping capabilities. VNAV is also implemented.

Besides, some much-requested features in today’s virtual airliners for MSFS didn’t miss the spec sheet from LatinVFR. There’s an EFB, offering weather updates, aircraft loading options, SimBrief integration, and Navigraph charts. For those with a Navigraph subscription, the package also includes Navigraph OANS implemented on the Navigation display. Additionally, the EFB allows for ground service equipment on demand and SimBrief flight plan injection to the CDU.

Latin VFR A330 MSFS 10

Latin VFR A330 MSFS 9

Latin VFR A330 MSFS 8

Latin VFR A330 MSFS 6

Latin VFR A330 MSFS 5

Latin VFR A330 MSFS 4

Latin VFR A330 MSFS 3

Latin VFR A330 MSFS 2

Latin VFR A330 MSFS 1

This A330 also comes with a highly detailed external and interior model complete with high-definition textures. The cabin model is another highlight, featuring business class, premium economy, and economy seats, along with galleys. In terms of liveries, there are plenty of options to choose from, with 42 paint schemes included in the package that reflect real-world operators of the aircraft.

LatinVFR has committed to future free updates that will further enhance this addon, making it a dynamic and evolving product for the flight sim community. The community will certainly be paying attention to that as it has already been revealed that LatinVFR will not allow third-party mods such as those created by Horizons Simulations.

The Airbus A330-900 NEO is out now for MSFS in the in-sim Marketplace, priced at $34.99 USD. If you prefer to get it elsewhere, it’s available on Contrail too!

Main features:

  • Customized systems of the Airbus A330neo, simulating its basic cockpit functionalities.
  • Highly detailed external and interior model with high definition textures.
  • Realistic A330 cockpit with functionality in most of the basic systems.
  • Simulation of the auto transfer of the Trim tank, based on Aircraft’s CG and auto logic.
  • Fuel dumping capabilities.
  • Cabin model with Business class, premium economy, economy seats and galleys.
  • 42 custom liveries from real world airlines.
  • Excellent flight dynamics that resemble the Airbus A330-900, characteristics, power management, fuel systems etc.
  • VNAV implementation.
  • EFB (electronic flight bag) with weather, aircraft loading, simbrief, navigraph charts, GSE options.
  • Navigraph charts implementation on EFB. Subscription required.
  • Navigraph OANS (on-board airport navigation system) implemented on the Navigation display. Subscription required.
  • Simbrief flight plan injection to CDU. Beta implementation.
  • Ground service equipment on demand via the EFB.
  • Cabin interior, depicting the selected airline.
  • Realistic sounds
  • Future free updates enhancing this addon further in the coming months

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