Check these new images of the Aerosoft A330 virtual cockpit in MSFS

It’s well known that Aerosoft is now actively working to bring the Airbus A330 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The studio launched the Twin Otter earlier this year, after an initial delve into the CRJ Series. They now seem keen on releasing not only the wideboy A330 airframe but also further models in the Airbus range down the line.

We’ve seen the first work-in-progress images of the Aerosoft A330 already, starting with some earlier schematics and slowly progressing to more detailed and realistic external and internal shots. Aerosoft appears now more confident in its current progress with the aircraft, with the sharing of an increasing number of new images by Mathijs Kok.

This week, the project manager at Aerosoft published a series of stunning new photos showcasing the A330 virtual cockpit in unprecedented detail, a sneak peek into what to expect in terms of modeling with this aircraft. Despite featuring only the modeling with minimal textures, it appears evident that Aerosoft’s visual artists will bring their A-game into this project. Coupled with Flight Simulator’s rendering engine, this flight deck is starting to look quite impressive!

Aerosoft A330 MSFS previews 7

Aerosoft A330 MSFS previews 6

Aerosoft A330 MSFS previews 5

Aerosoft A330 MSFS previews 4

Aerosoft A330 MSFS previews 3

Aerosoft A330 MSFS previews 2

Aerosoft A330 MSFS previews 1

In these images, we can see several different panels in the A330 cockpit, including the central pedestal, overhead panel, MCP, seats, and EFB. Speaking of the EFB, we recently learned that the Aerosoft A330 will include SimBrief integration, which will definitely be seen as a welcome addition to the product by more experienced simmers.

Mathijs Kok also teased about what’s coming next for Aerosoft. It seems the team is looking into the whole Airbus product line, from the 200 to the 350. This is after some speculation earlier this week that they were “looking at the A350″… Mathijs now appears to have replaced that earlier comment with a broader statement that doesn’t point to any specific model to follow after the A330. There’s one that is totally put to the side, though… the mighty A380. Let’s hope FlyByWire can soon fulfill that dream.

The A330 would be an excellent fit for Brussels Airport, the impressive latest release from Aerosoft in MSFS, but also other high-quality airports such as Flightbeam’s Wellington Airport or FlyTampa’s Boston Logan.

Aerosoft’s A330 might be the most promising rendition of the Airbus widebody currently in development for MSFS, but simmers looking for a fix will find the freeware Headwind A330 to be an enjoyable alternative. It was recently updated with an impressive new model and continues to be actively developed.

As usual, you can count on our continuous coverage to bring you the latest news about this and other upcoming airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Stay tuned!