Got Friends adds floats to the DC-3 and Beaver, bush wheel variants, new effects, and more

MSFS simmers got plenty of new airplanes to fly in the simulator with the recent launch of the 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. These airplanes have been created for MSFS by partner developers such as Milviz, iniBuilds, BlueMesh, and others, and offer a wide variety of experiences that range from the busy life of flying an airliner to the pioneering feats made possible with historic airplanes from the early stages of powered flight.

Most of these airplanes come with just the standard set of features in terms of modeling, with limited variants or the lack of some effects. If you’d like to have more variety in terms of models for each of the new aircraft, Got Friends has got you covered with their latest project: the 40th Anniversary: Expansion Pack!

This Expansion Pack aims to add some new features to the airplanes released under the 40th Anniversary Edition, such as new wheel choices, floats, smoke and water spray effects, and more.

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This unofficial expansion pack is available for free and is getting chaptered released that target specific aircraft. So far, Chapter #1 added a new bush wheel variant to the brilliant DHC-1 Beaver, along with water spray effects in the amphibian variant, an option to hide the included tablet, and smoke effects during start-up.

Chapter #2 is already out too, once again adding new options to the Beaver but also targeting the DC-3 with a similar treatment. Features for the next Chapter are already being planned and will include a new DC-3 variant with jet-assisted takeoff!

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This Expansion Pack is mostly meant to be an expansion to the airplanes in the 40th Anniversary Edition, adding some new goodies without affecting their standard behavior. Because of that, The Got Friends Expansions Pack should be compatible with existing “improvement mods” that can already be found for some of the airplanes.

The Got Friends’ 40th Anniversary: Expansion Pack is now available for free through

Chapter #1: Expansion Features (Released)

  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added 35″ Bush Wheel Variant (Includes All Liveries)
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added Water Spray Effect to Amphibious Variant
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added Hide/Unhide Option to Tablet
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added Start-Up Combustion Smoke Effect to All Variants

Chapter #2: Expansion Features (Released)

  • Global: Added “40th Anniversary” Effects Dependecies as Stand-Alone Effects
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added Ski Winter Kit to Standard Wheel Variant (Option on Tablet)
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added New Custom Snow Physics when Skis are Attached
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added New Bush Tail Wheel to 35″ Bush Variant
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added Low Fly-By Dirt Effect
  • Douglas DC-3: Added New Amphibious Float Variant (Includes 2 Liveries)
  • Douglas DC-3: Added Custom Flight Model, Weight Limits, Drag Limits, and Additional Float / Fuel Tanks
  • Douglas DC-3: Added Water Spray Effect to Amphibious Variant
  • Douglas DC-3: Added Start-Up Combustion Smoke Effect to All Variants
  • Douglas DC-3: Added Wheel Landing Effects to All Surface Types on All Variants
  • Douglas DC-3: Added Water Rudder Switch (Replaces External Power Switch on Amphibious Variant)

Chapter #3: Expansion Features (In Development)

  • Douglas DC-3: Planned JATO (Jet Assisted Take-Off) Variant