FlightSim Studio announces development of the Tecnam P2006T MKII for MSFS

FlightSim Studio is back with a new project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After launching the curious SeaRey a few weeks ago and helping Asobo bring gliders to MSFS with the 40th Anniversary Edition, FlightSim Studio (FSS) has now announced the development of a new twin-engined aircraft: the Tecnam P2006T MKII.

The Tecnam P2006T is the lightest twin-engined certified aircraft currently available, featuring a very interesting combination of style, capability, and economy. It’s used across the world as a training aircraft in many flight schools and also by private pilots who value its styling and two-engine safety.

The latest design of the P2006T, which is the model being created by FSS, comes with modern G1000 avionics and a few other bells and whistles. The developers also promise a detailed 3D model with real-world liveries and realistic animations.

In the announcement shared by FSS, it’s said that the P2006T will come with a tablet with additional features and configuration options, an interactive walk-around mode similar to the one implemented in the SeaRey, and even weight-controlled visual loading in the cabin, which makes passenger models show up as the aircraft load is set up.

FlightSim Studio also promises a “fun” flight model that was developed based on feedback from real-world pilots.

At this moment, the project is well underway for a release in early 2023. FSS says that only a sound set is missing from the package, which they will record from an actual aircraft.

Tecnam P2006T MSFS 4

Tecnam P2006T MSFS 3

Tecnam P2006T MSFS 2

Tecnam P2006T MSFS 6

Tecnam P2006T MSFS 5

Tecnam P2006T MSFS 1

With this said, we also have the first preview images of the aircraft and even a teaser video, which present the current stage of the product and provide us with a glimpse of what to expect once it finally releases in a few weeks. As always, we’ll be back with further news about this new project from FSS as soon as they become available!

Speaking of Tecnam airplanes, this project from FSS seems to be the most serious yet to bring an aircraft from the Italian manufacturer to Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, you may want to check out an interesting freeware project that we featured a few weeks ago, the Tecnam P92 Echo!