(New systems’ video!) Aviation Lads reveal the interior of FlightSim Studio’s Embraer 175 for MSFS

Update, December 16th: A new video has been dropped this Friday, showcasing the E-175’s systems in more detail. Watch it below and stay tuned for the final video of this series, coming next week!

Last week we were surprised by the official announcement that FlightSim Studio (FSS) was well into the development of the Embraer 175 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The news arrived with a preview video showcasing the aircraft’s stunning exterior model and came with the promise that a first look into the interior would arrive very soon. Well, promises made, promises kept! Aviation Lads released today a beautiful interior preview of the E-175!

FlightSim Studio is yet to provide additional details about this project, so all we have is the gorgeous showcase the talented folks at Aviation Lads continue to offer us. This time, the star of the show is the flight deck of the E-175, which looks very impressive in this first look and, apparently, looking close to finished in terms of visuals!

The video presents us with a very detailed cockpit both in terms of 3D modeling and textures. This applies to the instrument panel and all the knobs and switches therein, but also to the seats, cockpit door, and even the very realistic passenger cabin that seems to be a step above the usual in the simulator! We also get to see an animation of the cockpit window opening.

The video also provides a glimpse into the screens and some of the systems that power the Embraer 175, but only in a cosmetic way, because we don’t actually see anything happening on the screens. However, Aviation Lads promises that the third video, to be released next week, will be more technical and show off the aircraft’s systems in more detail!

If you’re excited by the prospect of a new airliner for MSFS, especially a regional aircraft like the E-Jets series, make sure to watch the two videos that were released by now to get an idea of what this airplane is turning out to be. In the meantime, we’ve reached out directly to FlightSim Studio to attempt to learn more about this project and will be back with further news if we hear back from the team!

Flightsim Studio Embraer 175 MSFS 11

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