FS2Crew’s Animated FO is now compatible with the PMDG 737 in MSFS

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s PMDG 737 pilots can now feel a bit less lonely in their cockpit with the latest mod from FS2Crew. The developer, known for simulating flight crew simulations for popular airliners in MSFS, has just released an exciting expansion pack that adds a fully animated First Officer to the highly acclaimed PMDG 737.

This add-on is designed to complement the FS2Crew: PMDG 737 SOP 1 Edition and promises to deliver a more immersive and realistic experience for simmers. After all, in the real world, a 737 is flown by two pilots who share the workload.

The animated First Officer in this expansion performs “flows” and tasks as they would in a real-world cockpit, from managing systems to interacting with different cockpit components. This feature allows pilots to feel like they have a real First Officer beside them, significantly enhancing the overall flight experience and operational efficiency.

FS2Crew Animated First Officer MSFS 3
You can choose between Female and Male pilots of different ethnicities.

This new version of FS2Crew’s Animated FO works with all PMDG 737 models (600/700/800/900), as long as they have been purchased directly from the PMDG website.

Unfortunately, Marketplace versions of the 737 are not currently supported, although the standard SOP 1 Edition remains perfectly compatible.

FS2Crew’s Animated First Officer for PMDG 737 SOP1 comes with 6 models (2 Female and 4 Male) and is available now from the developer’s website, priced at €14.99.