SimWorks Studios shares new images of the Dash 7 for MSFS

SimWorks Studios is starting to be more communicative when it comes to their joint project with PILOT’S, the de Havilland Dash 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following the unveiling of the first work-in-progress images of the flight deck last month, SWS has now offered us the best look yet into the external fuselage of this regional turboprop airliner in MSFS.

The Dash 7 is one of the promising projects in which the SimWorks Studios team is currently involved. The PC-12 is a personal favorite, and arguably the one most people are looking forward to, but the Dash 7 is also a very interesting aircraft, sort of a larger, four-engined Twin Otter. A good choice to take a bunch of people into smaller airports!

SimWorks Studios and PILOT’S have been working on this airplane for a while, and we are now starting to see it coming into shape as development progresses through the modeling and texturing of the airplane’s surfaces.

SimWorks Studios Dash 7 MSFS 6

SimWorks Studios Dash 7 MSFS 5

SimWorks Studios Dash 7 MSFS 4

SimWorks Studios Dash 7 MSFS 3

SimWorks Studios Dash 7 MSFS 2

The latest development update from SimWorks Studios reveals that the team is now fully focused on this project, finishing the external model with decals, textures, and a nice assortment of real-world liveries. These will include paint schemes from British Antarctic Survey, Air Greenland, Brymon, Berjaya Air, Tyrolean, and Continental.

Development seems to be pretty advanced in the visuals department, both inside and out. Although we mainly got external shots this time, there’s one image from inside the cockpit that provides a sneak-peek into a small section of the instrument panel, which now sports more realistic textures when compared to the previous images released by the team.

With the Dash 7 now starting to look more like the real thing, the development team is now focused on other aspects of the simulations, such as engine tuning, systems, and cockpit panels. The flight model appears to be complete, which is a good sign! However, we still don’t know what the current estimate for a release might be.

That said, enjoy these cool new images of the Dash 7 in MSFS. We’ll let you know once we learn more about a release schedule, but it’s safe to say that there are still at least a few months ahead for the teams to work on this plane. Until then, stay tuned for further updates!