Feeling alone in the Fenix A320 cockpit? FS2Crew just released an animated copilot to help you out!

FS2Crew has started a pretty interesting series of add-ons for MSFS that aim to make that cockpit experience feel a bit less lonely and more realistic. By introducing an animated 3D model of the First Officer, which is capable of following FS2Crew’s typical flows, this is probably the most accomplished multi-crew simulation you can have in MSFS. And after introducing this concept to the FBW A320 in July, FS2Crew has now expanded the idea to a much more capable and extremely popular airplane: the Fenix A320!

FS2Crew’s Animated First Officer – Fenix A320 Edition is designed explicitly for the acclaimed Fenix A320, but works as an expansion pack to the existing FS2Crew: Fenix A320 Edition. This means you have to own both products to have this work with the Fenix A320.

The FS2Crew team has certainly gone the extra mile in ensuring a realistic representation by offering a variety of human AI co-pilot models. The expansion pack includes two female models (blonde and redhead), a white male, an Asian male, a Hispanic male, and a black male. It’s certainly a diverse range of models that should please most users.

Obviously, in the Fenix Airbus’s virtual cockpit, FS2Crew’s animated FO does more than just occupy a seat. Once activated, the FO engages with the cockpit, performing actions and scans as they would in a real Airbus. The FO interacts with various cockpit elements as he/she goes through the checklists.

FS2Crew Animated First Officer – Fenix A320 Edition is now available for purchase from the developer’s website, priced at €14.99. Note, again, that you also need to own the FS2Crew Fenix Airbus Version Base Pack for the Animated version to work.