Orbx releases ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport for MSFS

Orbx and developer Finn Hansen are out this weekend with a new airport in the Nordics. ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport, the largest and busiest in Norway and the second busiest in the Nordic countries, is now available for MSFS. It’s another excellent representation of this airport that joins a few other high-quality alternatives!

This is easily the largest work by Finn Hansen, who has previously brought us smaller regional airports such as Hammerfest, Molde, or Sandefjord. Oslo is a significantly larger undertaking, built to handle millions of passengers and connecting over 160 destinations all over the world.

With this detailed new scenery, Oslo Airport becomes an impressive location in the simulator, with high-quality modeling and texturing all around, all based on photos taken on-site. It’s also highly customized, featuring custom lighting and signage in the taxiways and aprons.

ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport MSFS 9

ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport MSFS 8

ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport MSFS 7

ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport MSFS 6

ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport MSFS 5

ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport MSFS 3

ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport MSFS 2

ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport MSFS 1

Finn Hansen also implemented numerous animations, with moving vehicles around the airport, trains, functional pushback trucks that replace the default models, and more. The developer took care to assign proper airline codes to the gates, ensuring that this airport plays nicely with existing AI traffic solutions in MSFS.

Finally, this version of ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport also comes with a fully functioning VDGS system and 3 different types of animated jetways that match the real-world configuration.

Finn Hansen’s ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport is available now through Orbx Direct, priced at  €19,24 | £17.13 | $20.63.

On a side note, Oslo has been a lucky destination in MSFS, with an impressive selection of choices when it comes to third-party renditions of its main airport. Besides this latest release from Orbx, there’s also JustSim’s interpretation, a very nice freeware version, and another imposing (but not yet available) payware version from Aerosoft/Jo Erlend, which should be out later this year.

Main Features:

  • Custom, updated photoreal
  • PBR 4K textures
  • Interior modelling
  • 3 different types of animated jetways to match real world
  • Fully functioning VDGS for all appropriate gates (requires Nool plugin)
  • Animated traffic (Pushback, buses, service vehicles)
  • Custom GSE to match real world
  • Optimised from day 1 for excellent performance