Pricing revealed for the PMDG 737-700: not great, not terrible

The last secret in the PMDG 737 story for MSFS was finally revealed. After learning the release date for this hotel anticipated Boeing airliner (hint: it’s right around the corner!), today we got the last piece of the puzzle: pricing

As expected by most, the PMDG 737-700 will be more affordable than what we might have expected a few months back. This first aircraft in the PMDG 737 family for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available at an introductory price of $69.99. This price will go up slightly to $74.99 once the -600 gets released (currently aimed for late June), which itself will be priced at around $50.

Randazzo had stated before that the cost of the 737 would be a surprise to most, and this seems to confirm it… but only for those looking to get just one or two of the variants. For the completionists planning to get all the variants, this will prove to be quite an expensive investment, at more than $200. Furthermore, for now, PMDG isn’t planning to offer any discounted prices for bundles.

Interestingly, PMDG estimates the price for the -700 and the -800 to be just about the same, while the -600 will be cheaper. The cost for the longer -900 variant, however, is yet to be defined.

pmdg 737 msfs videos 3

PMDG 737 MSFS early adopter

pmdg 737 msfs videos 2

PMDG 737 MSFS beta 1

PMDG 737 MSFS beta 2

As we’ve known, PMDG plans to release each subsequent variant at around 6-week intervals, which they are now clarifying with approximate release dates for the whole line (except for the MAX generation, which will come at a later stage). That said, here’s the current estimated release schedule for the PMDG 737 product line for MSFS:

  • PMDG 737-700 for MSFS: 09MAY22
  • PMDG 737-600 for MSFS: ~20JUN22
  • PMDG 737-800 for MSFS: ~01AUG22
  • PMDG 737-900 for MSFS: ~12SEP22

These estimates are highly volatile and likely to change somewhat, so take them with a grain of salt.

Finally, the PMDG 737-700 will initially become available for purchase exclusively through PMDG’s website. Launch time will be somewhere between 1700Z and 2359Z this Monday, May 9th. PMDG plans to release the 737 in the Marketplace in the future (Xbox version included) once they are comfortable with the overall stability of the product.

And so it will be. Tomorrow we’ll finally get the chance to fly the iconic 737 in MSFS, with a somewhat pleasant price for the first variant, but the whole product line may burn a deep hole in some simmers’ wallets. What are your impressions about this pricing strategy? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for the release announcement once the PMDG 737-700 finally becomes available for Microsoft Flight Simulator!