Lionheart Creations shares new images of its Lear Fan 2100 for MSFS

Lionheart Creations has a rather interesting new project in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, in the shape of the ill-fated LearAvia Lear Fan 2100. This turboprop business airplane never managed to go into production, but MSFS flyers should soon be able to experience the life onboard this unusual aircraft.

The Lear Fan 2100 for MSFS was initially unveiled in early March, when we also got the first images of the interior and exterior model. Lionheart Creations did a great job with the Bü-131 or the Trinidad TB-21 GT, so we’re expecting a nice model for the LF 2100 as well. Judging from the latest images provided by the developer, it seems we’ll be getting just that!

Third-party business airplanes are still a rare sight in MSFS, which makes following the development of new ones that much more appealing. The Lear Fan 2100 is not your usual business jet, though. For starters, it’s not a jet… instead, it’s powered by two engines, which drive the rear-mounted pusher propeller. The idea was to provide the additional safety of a twin-engine airplane, but the FAA was unsure about the gearbox that drove the single propeller, so the Lear Fan 2100 didn’t get the necessary certificate to fly.

Lear Fan 2100 MSFS 4

Lear Fan 2100 MSFS 3

In the end, only three prototypes were built, and the project was left in the dust in 1985. Quite unfortunate for real-world aviation, but MSFS pilots will have better luck. Despite not providing many details about this undertaking to bring the LF 2100 to life in MSFS, Lionheart Creations’ model appears to be on point. 30 years later, this aircraft still looks as futuristic as it did back in the day, with its pointy nose, rear-mounted prop, and Y-shaped tail.

The LF 2100 also appears to be getting a nicely trimmed interior, a must-have for the comfort of businessmen who were the target audience for this aircraft. Cozy seats and luxurious materials can be seen in the cabin of Lionhearts’ creation. Hopefully it will be as interesting to fly as it is to look at.

Lionheart Creations doesn’t provide any estimated timeframe for a release or additional details for this aircraft. For now, enjoy this latest set of images and stay tuned for further updates!

Lear Fan 2100 MSFS 1