SimWorks Studios announces the Kodiak 900 for MSFS

Note: the image above is an early render of the PC-12NG cockpit.

SimWorks Studios, creators of the fantastic Kodiak 100 and, more recently, the RV-10 (which just got Garmin’s Smart Glide support thanks to the close integration with the TDS GTNXi), has announced a major development update on their upcoming aircraft projects. In a statement on the company’s Discord server, SimWorks Studios revealed that they are currently working on four Daher aircraft, with the Kodiak 900 being the first in line!

This seems to indicate that the team has plans to bring other airplanes from the manufacturer to MSFS, such as the TBM 960 or the 910.

According to the statement, the Kodiak 900 3D model will be completed as soon as the cabin remodeling of the Kodiak 100 is done. No release date has been set for the 900, as SWS says it will depend on how quickly they can verify the aircraft’s handling.

daher kodiak 900
Daher unveiled the Kodiak 900, a bigger and faster version of the Kodiak 100, at AirVenture Oshkosh 2022.

In addition to the Kodiak 900, SWS is also working on the PC-12/47 and NG, as was previously revealed. Here, the electrical system and all circuit breakers have been implemented, and SWS expects the plane will be fully functional by the end of the month. The company also revealed that they have improved the ITT simulation, with ITT now scaling correctly with altitude and fuel flow.

On the 3D modeling front, accuracy fixes in the cabin are nearly done, and the company is starting to improve the cockpit. They aim to have the full 3D model done by the end of next week for both the Legacy and NG variants. Meanwhile, SWS has started putting textures on the cockpit to calibrate them for MSFS and be ready when the model is finished.

sws pc 12 external model msfs
The PC-12 external model is now finished.

Looking forward, SWS plans to fine-tune the flight model of the PC-12 and program new systems such as the stick pusher, rudder-aileron interconnect, and integrate the autopilot & GPS panels. They will keep working on the flight model until they are “103% satisfied” with it. The aircraft will be sent to Pilatus for approval and final release upon completion.

SimWorks Studios has been busy working on a variety of exciting projects for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and their latest development update has only added to the anticipation for what’s to come. With the announcement of the Kodiak 900, one of four in the pipeline from Daher, fans of the manufacturer have even more reason to be excited. And with projects like the Boeing 727-200 and B-52 Stratofortress also in the works, SimWorks Studios is demonstrating a commitment to creating an increasing variety of highly detailed and realistic airplanes for MSFS!