The long-awaited PMDG Universal Flight Tablet is finally coming to the 737

Few topics have garnered as much speculation, and, let’s face it, impatient foot-tapping as the PMDG Universal Flight Tablet for the 737. It’s become something of a running joke, a mythical creature that’s always “just around the corner” but never actually shows up. Well, it seems the corner has finally been turned – or at least, we’re closer to turning it than ever before.

Robert Randazzo, the face and voice of PMDG, recently broke the company’s weeks-long silence with a new development update. The statement, aptly titled “Calm Before the Storm, Perhaps…”, is a tantalizing blend of cryptic hints and concrete promises. It’s pure Randazzo-style, a long prose from where we try to squeeze as much juice as possible, but are often left with a nearly empty glass.

This one is more promising though: the Universal Flight Tablet really is finally coming to the 737! A release date has been set, though it remains shrouded in mystery. PMDG promises to reveal it alongside some preview material “shortly.”

PMDG 737 800 cockpit
Notice the blank spot on the left just waiting for that EFB to be installed…

So, we still don’t know when the EFB will launch, but there’s already a word of caution for those who purchased their PMDG 737 through the MSFS Marketplace. Due to the intake process, the tablet will be available 2 to 3 weeks after the public release for users. While this delay is frustrating, it’s a known quantity and something the community has come to expect.

Let’s not forget the other juicy tidbit in Randazzo’s update: the PMDG 777 for MSFS. While it hasn’t reached beta testing yet, the development team is incredibly pleased with its progress. The fly-by-wire system is touted as a perfect match for MSFS, promising an unparalleled flying experience. They are still keeping the 777 under wraps, as they want us to “enjoy the wow-factor of the first previews” when they come, hopefully, after the whole deal with the EFB is finally behind us.

The full update is, as always, available on PMDG’s forums and offers some additional hints about PMDG’s exciting future.

So, here we are, once again on the cusp of something… big? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: PMDG is up to something and the next few months should be quite something for fans of the company and its products. Stay tuned!