AzurPoly previews its Socata TB 30 Epsilon in MSFS

AzurPoly recently announced the development of another essential airplane in the French military training history, the Socata TB 30 Epsilon. This will be a logical follow-up to the surprising Fouga CM.170 Magister, and it seems development is moving at a steady pace. AzurPoly has been publishing some interesting teaser images on its social media, which essentially showcase the modeling of the aircraft. Like the Magister, the Epsilon is starting to look quite good!

AzurPoly has recently revealed that modeling is nearly complete, with the team now focusing on the systems. Knowing that the team is working closely with Vertical Flight Experience, a French company that provides recreational flights in the TB 30 for the general public, we should expect an authentic product in terms of visuals and, hopefully, systems and flight dynamics as well.

The developers have also spoken about some of the unique features of the TB 30, like the interesting canopy architecture for the front and back seats or the retractable landing gear that the pilot can still lower in case of a hydraulic failure. These peculiarities will be implemented in AzurPoly’s TB 30 Epsilon.

Azurpoly TB 30 Epsilon MSFS 9

Azurpoly TB 30 Epsilon MSFS 8

Azurpoly TB 30 Epsilon MSFS 7

Azurpoly TB 30 Epsilon MSFS 6

Azurpoly TB 30 Epsilon MSFS 1

Azurpoly TB 30 Epsilon MSFS 5

Azurpoly TB 30 Epsilon MSFS 4

Azurpoly TB 30 Epsilon MSFS 3

Azurpoly TB 30 Epsilon MSFS 2

Now that we have the first work-in-progress images of the TB 30 in MSFS, we see that the model is coming into shape with great detail. It’s something that simmers always appreciate and, in this particular case, will be especially enjoyed by French simmers who are familiar with the aircraft or have a specific fascination with their country’s military history. This sentiment should also extend to Portuguese flyers, since the Epsilon is also an essential airplane for pilot training in the Portuguese Air Force, where it’s still operated today.

For now, the Epsilon continues in active development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with no estimate about a possible release date, pricing, or any additional detail. We’ll continue to follow this project and bring you the latest updates!