Just Flight looking to release the 146 this week, FMS capabilities detailed

The Just Flight 146 Professional is currently one of the most awaited airliner simulations for MSFS, alongside other high-profile projects like PMDG’s 737 and the Fenix A320. The 146 is now in the very last stages of development, with everything pointing to a release until the end of April, just as Just Flight estimated a few weeks ago.

In the latest development update provided by Just Flight, leading up to the release in the next few days, the studio revealed that they are now rigorously testing a pre-release build of the product to check if everything is good for launch. If all goes well, MSFS simmers should be able to get their hands on this ultra-detailed British airliner very soon!

Just Flight has also provided some new details about the Flight Management System that has been implemented in the 146 Professional. For starters, it’s based on the acclaimed work done by Working Title, which we can see in the CJ4 mod that made the team popular (alongside the G1000 and G3000 mods).

The FMS in the 143 will enable lateral navigation with LNAV autopilot mode, the ability to create full flight plans directly in the system (or import a default MSFS flight plan), SimBrief integration, and support for SIDs and STARs.

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 12

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 11

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 10

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 9

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 8

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 7

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 6

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 5

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 4

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 2

Just Flight 146 MSFS fms previews 1

Along with these new details about the FMS, Just Flight also shared fresh images of the aircraft, showing off several new features added recently to the package. These include support for the integrated checklists in MSFS, new EFB features, improved cockpit textures, new variants and liveries, and a sneak peek into the FMS integration. Just Flight promises new videos very soon to show these additions in more detail.

Besides these additional details about some of the features coming in the 146 for MSFS, Just Flight also published a handy guide aimed explicitly at simmers who’ve used the P3D and X-Plane versions of the 146. The new and improved MSFS version features many improvements over the original, which have now been specified in this document for the convenience of those who have become familiar with those older versions.

The release is imminent for what is looking to be yet another high-quality aircraft from Just Flight. With the PA28 Arrows and the Hawk T1/A, the British team raised the bar for MSFS airplanes with complete, in-depth simulations of each respective experience. The 146 is set to follow the same philosophy, with a price to match: £49.99 / €59.95 / $64.99.