Local Legend Dornier Do J Wal is now available for Flight Simulator

The Flight Simulator team has released the third aircraft in the Local Legends series, the Dornier Do J Wal, a German “flying-boat” introduced in the 1920s.

The Do J Wall quickly became popular among explorers and aviation pioneers, going on to achieve some feats such as the first transatlantic flight between Spain and Southern America, or the first aerial crossing of that same ocean by night. These feats, performed by Spanish and Portuguese aviators, establish a connection between this airplane and the Iberian Peninsula, which just got its very own World Update.

The Do J Wall was powered by two engines in a push-pul configuration, not unlike the much more modern Cessna Skymaster. Geberally, this aircraft was capable of cruising at around 100 mph, with a range of 500-600 miles and maximum ceiling between 10.000 and 15.000 feet.

This historic airplane is now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator, brought to you by the internal development team, who hope to offer simers the opportunity to recreate some pioneering flights aboard a highly detailed vintage airplane.

Three different versions of the Dornier J Wall have been included in this new add-on for MSFS. They are paired with specific mission that made them famous, but can also be flown anywhere in the world as you please:

Plus Ultra

The protagonist of the first transatlantic flight between Spain and South America, in 1926. It was built to custom specifications to meet the demands of the mission it was meant to undertake, so it’s a rather unique sample.


Introduced a couple of years after the inicial flight of the Do J Wall, the Cabina was a civilian variant designed to transport passengers. It flew the first air route operated in Italy, between Genova and Palermo, with stopovers in Rome and Naples.

MSFS DornierDoJWal 2


An early military version, used by Roald Amundsen in the North Pole expedition. It was also used by another European pioneer aviator, Wolfgang von Gronau, in the first transatlantic crossing between Europe and the United States in a flying boat.

These three versions of the Dornier Do J Wal are now available in the MSFS Marketplace, in a pack that’s priced at €14.99. Both PC and Xbox simmers can enjoy this historic airplane, which joins the Ju-52 and the Fokker F.VII as the third aircraft in the “Local Legends” series, which aims to highlight historically relevant airplanes in regions targeted by MSFS World Updates.