Watch the official trailer of FSReborn’s upcoming Piper M500 for MSFS

After turning heads with an early preview last month, FSReborn’s Piper M500 (FSR500) is nearing the finish line, set to make its debut soon. The market already has its eyes on a couple of turboprop business aircraft contenders, such as the newly released Black Square TBM 850 and the upcoming PC-12 from SimWorks Studios. But what makes the FSR500 stand out is its potential to reshape both the developer’s portfolio and the flight simulation landscape as a whole.

Today, we’re pleased to give you another sneak peek of this aircraft, courtesy of an official trailer video that demonstrates the FSR500’s features in jaw-dropping detail. It’s an ideal teaser for an aircraft that aims to set new standards in virtual aviation realism and immersion.

From the get-go, FSReborn has gone above and beyond to ensure that their Piper M500 is as lifelike as possible. They’ve enlisted real-world pilots for beta-testing to guarantee an authentic flight experience. The result is a model that’s been in the works for a considerable period and promises to stay true to its real-world counterpart.

The trailer reveals the aircraft’s stunning visual elements, but the FSR500 is more than just eye candy. It’s an interactive experience, boasting intricate systems for dedicated flight simmers. The pressurization system, for example, has been precisely modeled, which is crucial for those aiming to undertake high-altitude journeys.

The inclusion of a fully operational EFB makes it easier to manage aircraft configurations, oversee ground operations, and carry out maintenance tasks. You can even import flight plans directly from SimBrief into the G1000 avionics suite, offering a streamlined planning experience.

FSReborn is particularly keen on adding a human touch to its simulation. The M500 features a “passenger behavior simulation” that allows internal cabin temperature to adapt to external conditions. If you park the aircraft under the sun, you can expect the virtual passengers to vocalize their discomfort. In the cockpit, you’ll find functional circuit breakers that impact the airplane’s systems just as they would in real life.

SFReborn M500 MSFS 1

Not to overlook ground operations, FSReborn has added the feature of an autonomously navigating fuel truck arriving to refuel your aircraft. You can even expect your VIP passengers to make their grand entrance in a realistically animated premium automobile!

As FSReborn’s lead developer, Raul Morales, pointed out, this project is more than just an aircraft; it’s a stepping stone towards creating a more immersive, realistic, and engaging platform that the company can use to build future products.

With a launch window set for later this month or early November, now is the perfect time to check out the official trailer and get a taste of what the FSR500 has to offer. Don’t miss it!