FSReborn’s masterful Piper M500 previewed in another in-depth stream

Last June, just before FSExpo 2023, we brought you the latest on FSReborn’s incredibly promising Piper M500 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Raul Morales, the lead developer behind this project, provided an exclusive look at his upcoming aircraft, offering simmers a sneak peek into the development process and his commitment to unparalleled detail.

This week, the developer was back with another live preview with twotonemurphy, this time showcasing the systems of the M500 and, most importantly, sharing his passion with the community about flight simulation and how this is being fueled into one of the most impressive airplanes MSFS has seen to date. Let’s check it out!

Since their last stream, FSReborn has been on a roll. The team got big, and there is now an extensive list of beta testers, which include real-world pilots who have flown the Piper M500, putting the virtual airplane through its paces and providing very valuable feedback about the aircraft and how it behaves in the real world.

FSReborn Piper M500 MSFS 11

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FSReborn Piper M500 MSFS 7

During the stream, Raul revealed that the beta team has been a goldmine of information. For example, they’ve pointed out discrepancies between the aircraft’s manual and actual operations. One pilot, who flies the Piper M500 every week, even provided flight data to improve the flight model. His verdict? The current version is about 92% accurate to the real aircraft!

Simulating the aircraft’s internal systems has been a complex task for FSReborn. Real pilots have been instrumental in explaining these systems, even demonstrating them in real-time. For example, the pressurization system, which is vital for high-altitude flights, has been modeled with extreme accuracy, thanks to real-world insights.

A unique feature introduced is the “passenger behavior simulation.” The internal cabin temperature reacts to real-world conditions. If the aircraft is left in the sun, the temperature can rise significantly, and passengers will voice their discomfort. This is communicated via the EFB, where a “passenger satisfaction” tab provides feedback about passengers’ views toward cabin temperature, hunger, and thirst. To keep them happy, you can also serve them coffee and a snack!

The EFB FSReborn is building for the M500 is a multifunctional tool that simplifies many tasks. It’s packed with features such as aircraft configurations, ground operations, maintenance, and much more. It allows for the direct import of flight plans from SimBrief into the G1000 avionics suite. It also offers Navigraph Charts integration, which can be zoomed in and out. The system even remembers the zoom level for each chart.

The fueling process is another area where FSReborn has gone above and beyond. A fuel truck is called when needed, and its arrival time depends on its location at the airport. The truck follows the taxi points available at the airport, and once it arrives and begins fueling the aircraft, the EFB displays the increasing fuel levels in real-time. It’s like a mini-GSX capability that FSReborn has built directly into the M500 package, fully customized to the aircraft’s real-world operations.

Inside the cockpit, you will find fully functioning circuit breakers that affect the aircraft’s systems in a realistic way. For instance, unplugging the fuel level sensor breaker causes the fuel data on the PFD to drop. Raul also highlighted the importance of proper engine start procedures to avoid a hot start, which can damage the engine. Almost everything has been custom-built for this aircraft – including the PFD and EICAS.

FSReborn Piper M500 MSFS 3

FSReborn Piper M500 MSFS 4

FSReborn Piper M500 MSFS 5

FSReborn Piper M500 MSFS 1

As you can see, there are many standout features in the M500 that will be the delight of many simmers. Another one that caught my attention was the introduction of “auto action cameras.” These views automatically kick in at specific stages, such as during engine start, providing a cinematic view of what’s happening to the aircraft at any given moment.

In the end, the Piper M500 isn’t just another addition to FSReborn’s lineup; it’s a project that will define the future of the company. Raul and his team are putting a lot of love into this aircraft, not only building the M500 up to a very high realism standard but also setting the stage for many future products to come with the EFB, passenger simulation, and more.

The M500 is in its final stages of development at this moment. The developers are finetuning all the systems based on feedback provided from the beta testers. Raul refrained from providing a release date, but he is confident that the M500 should out within a couple of months.